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Evolved Bacteria for Wastewater Treatment

Looking for bacteria to reduce COD in effluent? Or perhaps a bio-culture to remove the colour from the wastewater? Are you looking for bacteria to degrade fat, oil, and grease (FOG)? Or maybe to reduce ammonia in wastewater? Whatever be your requirement. Whether it is of aerobic bacteria or anaerobic bacteria. For STP, ETP, or for Solid Waste Composting, we have the perfect bio-culture designed just for you.

Welcome to Evolon Biotech. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bioculture for Effluent Treatment in India. Our manufacturing unit is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Bacteria are everywhere. They live in harmony with nature, balancing the delicate natural processes. In our environment, microbes take care of nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilisation, carbon recycling, waste degradation, composting, and so on. In nature, all organisms live in harmony with each other. Every animal is different and has its specific place in the natural cycle.

All animals are not the same, and neither are the microorganisms. They vary in their ability to degrade certain chemicals and survive under shock load and pH imbalances. They have different growth rates and enzyme production profiles. Different bacteria have different nutritional requirements and perform best in different environments. Some microbes are better than others at waste treatment. They are evolved for the degradation of specific types of chemicals. The trick is to isolate and characterize these evolved bacteria for their use in effluent treatment.

At Evolon Biotech, we have picked up such amazing microorganisms and have cultured them to help us achieve specific goals. We have designed robust bio-culture mixes that can degrade a wide range of chemicals in the effluent. You are welcome to read about the science behind our evolved bacteria or to jump straight to our catalogue of bio-culture mixes. And just in case, you need any assistance in selecting the right bacterial mix, we are always a phone call away.

About Evolon Biotech

Evolon Biotech was established in 2011. And that means that we are very young, and are working very hard to grow bigger. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory complementing a strong innovative team of Microbiologists and Chemists with extensive industry experience. At Evolon Biotech, Science takes precedence in every product we design.

As the name suggests, EVOLON is all about EVOLVED ORGANISMS.

  • Evolon Biotech is focused solely on isolating and producing bacteria for wastewater treatment.
  • We have isolated a wide range of bacteria with each having the ability to degrade a multitude of chemicals in wastewater.
  • We have designed customised biocultures for the biological treatment of effluent from various industries.
  • We also provide customized bacterial products for effluent treatment at no additional cost.
We focus on Science. So that you can focus on the business.

Our range of Biocultures for Wastewater and Solid Waste Treatment

Our Bio-culture mixes are formulated with a range of microorganisms handpicked to degrade toxic compounds and reduce your BOD COD levels significantly. Here at Evolon Biotech, we have applied microbiology to its best bringing to you safe and reliable products that perform every time. We will be happy to collaborate with you for selecting the right bacterial mix and determining the dosage quantity required to achieve the best results.

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Evolon Biotech

Located in Navi Mumbai in India.
We are the original manufacturer and supplier of all bacteria and microbes showcased as our products. We are export-compliant, and we supply bacteria all over India and Internationally.

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